Screenprinting Experimental Fun: Using Found Objects As Film Positives

Here’s an educational screenprinting video about an experimental fine art screenprinting process that will please the creative personality in everyone. In this educational video we look at a very different way to make screens using an exposure unit and direct liquid emulsions. Instead of using the traditional film positive we will use found objects such as leaves, stickers, lettering, lace, botanical specimens, string, and more! The possibilities are limitless, infinite. This is a fun method to do with kids of all ages as each screen is like a surprise in a Cracker Jack box! Follow along as we experiment with 3 screens and test print with one of the screens we made. Get a little crazy with me as I get funky and party with my new confetti tee shirt. This video will have you chuckling and learning about creative and artistic experimental screen printing. Learn how to screen print tee shirts  with Catspit Productions, LLC! Thanks for watching!

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