Screenprinting Tee Shirts: Making And Cutting Bulk Wooden Squeegees

Here’s an educational screenprinting video about making squeegees with 6 foot wooden handles and 6 foot rolls of squeegee. A few years ago I showed you how to make squeegees by cutting the wood handle and squeegee bade individually and then gluing them together. In this tutorial video I show you how we do it bulk style with the 6 foot handle and squeegee cut as one long piece. Here we glue in the squeegee blade into the wood handle and allow them to dry. Then we cut the entire piece into the smaller squeegees that we need for the Phoenix storefront. Where else do you get an inside look at how it’s done commercially? That’s right I even show you how I make squeegee to sell to you all. An informed customer is a happy customer. Who else but Jonathan at Catspit is so honest and up front? No one, that’s who….LOL. Learn how to screen print tee shirts with Catspit Productions, LLC! Thanks for watching!

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