About Us

Catspit Productions was a full service screen printing shop that morphed into an equipment and supplies dealer. Through our YouTube videos we began teaching people to screen print tee shirts online for free. As a result of their wild popularity people began asking us for equipment and supplies to screen print. It was a logical next step for us to take in offering the same supplies and equipment we feature in our YouTube videos. As people asked us where to purchase screenprinting products we began to fulfill that need. Today we sell a complete line of screen printing equipment and supplies online and locally right here in the Phoenix Arizona area. We are the only Ranar dealer in the world to offer free shipping on all Ranar equipment all year round anywhere in the continental United States. Make sure to visit CatspitProductions on YouTube for informational videos on screen printing. Make sure to visit CatspitProductions on YouTube for informational videos on screen printing and heat transfers.

Our Goal: Catspit Productions is committed to providing relatively unbiased information about screen printing. The entire YouTube channel and all of the website content is created by Jonathan Monaco in his spare time using easy to use online services. Jonathan does not know HTML nor is he an expert webmaster. Despite the limitations of our venue we are trying to give you the clearest and most comprehensive explanations of the textile screen printing process. It is also our wish to teach the differences between commercial printing and home based printing by showing you how Catspit Productions prints tee shirts commercially.

Please show your support for Catspit Productions by spreading the word about us.

It is our hope that you will find the information on our website and on YouTube useful in your business efforts. We also want home based screen printers to be able to easily understand the technical aspects of the process so that they may better adapt their home printing methods.

Ultimately we love to teach and share information. We want to become a valuable screen printing informational resource. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for website content, please feel free to contact us.

Screen Printing Equipment & Supplies from Catspit


We appreciate your patronage as it helps support the continued production of free educational screen printing information. Thank you and happy printing!

No material whatsoever from the Catspit website or blog may be reproduced anywhere or in any way without prior written consent from Catspit Productions, LLC. Embedding of blog content or videos is also prohibited for revenue generating purposes. Any embeddable or syndicated material must be accompanied by proper credits and back links to the Catspit Productions website. The downloading of any Catspit Productions educational video from YouTube to any device is strictly prohibited. YouTube does not offer a download service and videos are protected by copyright and YouTube licensing. All videos, artwork and literature owned by Catspit Productions, LLC except where otherwise stated. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2009 – 2015.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Andy taylor says:

    Could anyone let me know what the answer to this is please?
    What is the name of the Catspit Productions Matriarch?

  2. Aldolpheous Greene says:

    Nedd to speak with someone about setting up my screen printing business also need to order a start up kit

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