Screen Printing Tee Shirts: How To Tag Print Inside The Collar

Okay so it’s good news Thursday evidently. I have a brand new screen printing video for you today all about printing tags inside the collar. I’m not really sure why people seem to have problems with this so I hope my tips will help out…. LOL. Meaning you shouldn’t really have trouble with the ink pushing through to the front side of the shirt unless you’re using too much pressure to print and/or the shirt is very thin. I mean very thin inks can be an issue but you should be able to pull off a tag print with the help of this video.

In this educational screenprinting tutorial video we discuss how to set up and print tags inside the back of the collar on tee shirts. This video has been requested many times in the past so we’re finally getting down to business. You’ll learn about artwork, inks and two different set ups to print tag prints whether they are for branding or marketing purposes. Follow along as i show you how to use a pocket pallet and a sleeve pallet to do tag printing. Learn about “light weight” artwork and how to keep the thinner inks from printing through to the finished side of the shirt. You’ll also learn how to send the shirts through the dryer so the tag print may be cured properly. This video is complete with tips on flashing the tag print for safety in handling and how to deal with the garment label while printing and curing. if you have ever wondered how to print a tag inside the back of the collar of a tee shirt then this video is a must see.

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