How To Screen Print Textiles: Printing Fleece Sweat Pants Legs

Here’s your holiday bonus video about how to screen print sweat pants or other leggings. After you watch this video you’ll be ready to print any pant leg or legging. This is a complimentary video to our long sleeve shirt screenprinting video as well so you can watch both and get a great rundown on printing down sleeves and pant legs. Plus sweat pants make a great holiday gift with your business artwork printed down the leg. Oh yeah baby! You’re going to love this video but remember to use web tack with fleece. I was so preoccupied with the printing of the leg itself I grabbed spray tack in the video and used it… LOL. Get a few laughs and learn how to screen print!

In this educational screenprinting tutorial video we discuss how to set up and print down the leg of sweat pants or other legging and pants. If you have ever wanted to print down the side of any pant leg, then this video will show you how. Here we take a look at artwork set up in reference to how it will appear on the leg of the sweats. Find out how not to make the mistake of printing text “upside down.” Learn about the pallet and screen set up as well as the printing itself. This tutorial screen printing video gives you a thorough rundown on printing pant legs on a manual rotary press. Have no fear because I walk you through the entire process of screen printing sweat pants. This video actually compliments and adds to the long sleeve printing video we did in the past. Watch both of these videos for a great rundown on printing sleeves and pant legs. You may also get a laugh or two from my usual anecdotes.

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