Screenprinting Tee Shirts: How Do I Set My Infrared Belt Dryer?

Here’s a quick tips video about screenprinting tee shirts. In this short educational video we briefly discuss how to set your belt dryer and why I cannot give you specific settings to use for this. I get asked almost every week how do I set up my belt dryer? What temperature should I use? What belt speed should I use? And so on…. So in this video I do my best to explain a little bit about this and give you some tips that I can. My answer to the question; how do I set up my infrared belt dryer? The quasi answer is in this video so be sure to check it out. You tell me if the video is any good… LOL.

In this educational screenprinting tutorial video we discuss how to set you’re infrared belt dryer for plastisol inks specifically. You’ll hear a few tips and suggestions along with my thoughts on how I would set up my conveyor dryer initially and adjust it accordingly to the print job I am working on. There’s really nothing technical about it but with experience and some pointers from good old Catspit you’ll eventually get the hang of operating your belt dryer because in the end you don’t just set it and forget it. You have to adapt and keep checking on the dryer with each print job you do. Enjoy another fun and exciting time with me as I try to explain this to you as if you were in the shop with me taking a class. Well, this would be the very brief version of that anyway 😉

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