Screenprinting Tee Shirts: How To Post Expose An Emulsion Stencil

I had a long holiday video making break during October even though we made some horror videos. I was very busy with other things. So when I went back into the shop to make this video it was weird…. LOL. I felt rusty but I think it came out well anyway This video will cover the topic of post exposures or post curing you stencil and if you use a photopolymer emulsion this video will be especially helpful. I have a few requested videos I have to work on so please stay tuned….

In this educational screenprinting tutorial video we discuss what a post exposure or post cure is and why we might do it. Many of you may have heard this terminology before but never really had a reason to understand it. But in our world of under exposed stencils and automatic press printing learning how to do a post exposure can be a good idea. Find out in this video what a post cure is and which emulsions are responsive to post exposures. Follow along as I walk you through the explanation and show you a quick demonstration of what it is like to post expose. Learn about the two most common reasons to do a post exposure. Make sure you watch this video if you’re just starting out in screenprinting because this little tidbit of knowledge can be very useful in your printing career. I’m sure you will find an occasion to use this technique somewhere along the journey of screen printing tee shirts.

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