How To Screen Print T-Shirts: What Are Halftones Vs Spot Colors

Here’s an instructional screenprinting video I have been meaning to do for some time. This is a great video for people starting out with screen printing tee shirts who need some clarification about halftone and spot color artwork. I hope this helps out. I do know Photoshop can print bit map halftones without RIP software. But vector art is the standard in the industry so that is what I use and teach. Vector halftones and bit map halftones are very different in quality and capability. I hope this at least helps you all in knowing the difference between spot color and halftone artwork.

This is another educational #screenprinting tutorial video about how to print tee shirts. In this tips and advice video we discuss the differences between halftones and spot colors. What is a spot color? What is a halftone? How do they print? What do the film positives look like? These are all questions we answer in this fun and entertaining video. Follow along as we discuss the major differences between these two types of artwork. Why can’t emulsion make continuous tone images? How do we reproduce photographs through screenprinting if the emulsion cannot hold continuous tonal ranges? This instructional screen printing video will explain all of these questions and some. Take a look see and check out spot color and halftone film positives. This video should give you a good idea of what spot colors and halftones are. If you’re just starting out in screenprinting then you’ll probably want to watch this video. Enjoy!

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