How To Screen Print T-Shirts: Cooling Your Screenprinting Shop

Okay so I think this is the last #screenprinting video concerning the summer heat, humidity and cooling. As we explored the world of screen printing during the summertime I thought it was best to at least touch on this subject. Thanks to everyone on Facebook for helping to suggest ideas that spawn new educational screen printing videos. So follow Along as I share my tips from my personal experiences with working in print shops during summer. Enjoy the video and have a great weekend!

Check out this screenprinting tutorial video about cooling your screenprinting shop during the summertime. We have been discussing extreme heat and humidity the past week or so I thought a brief talk about what it might take to cool a screen print shop might be in order. In this summary video I’ll give my 2 cents worth in reference to how to cool the shop when you are using belt dryers and flash cure units in mid-summer heat. There are basically two ways you can cool the shop and there is one major detail that can affect your ability to do so. If you’re in the market to start a screenprinting business or perhaps move an existing garage shop to a commercial storefront then you’ll want to watch this quick tips video to start your thinking off in the right direction. Air conditioners, fans and evaporative coolers may all help make your life more tolerable in the summertime. But there are a few important tips i can share with you when considering this. Take a moment to find out about those tips and enjoy this educational screen printing YouTube video.

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