Screenprinting Equipment & Supply Store: Looking For Our Space

Okay so you all know I am currently looking for a storefront rental in the Phoenix are so I may open up my screen print supply store and offer more services. I was very busy today with phone calls and meeting with customers. But I was able to edit and upload this video finally at the end of the day. Check out a little behind the scenes bit on our search for a storefront. This is a fun Vlog style video in which I share with you 3 spaces that I was looking at to rent. Psst… I am making an offer on one of these. But remember this is my 3rd attempt at renting a space. Sometimes it doesn’t work out in negotiations.

This is a fun Vlog about our quest to find a suitable storefront for the new Catspit screen print supply shop. Get an inside look at the spaces we are looking at and get the latest update on our progress. Follow along as I get a little goofy and share with you 3 rental spaces I looked at this week. As we move forward and set the pace to open a storefront before the end of 2014 we have been looking at a lot of rental properties. In this corporate world it is often difficult to find a reasonable deal with a good lease term. It seems that most corporations make more money filing tax losses for empty spaces rather than renting it. In my opinion there should be a tax penalty for leaving a space empty for too long because you want too much money…. LOL. But you know who makes the laws 😦 I think we’re getting close enough to be making an offer on a space we saw this week. Make sure to subscribe the Catspit YouTube channel to stay up to date on the latest news.

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