Making Screenprinting Artwork: How To Use A “T” Registration Mark

Here is a quick tutorial video on how to make the Catspit “T” registration marks. This is part of my basic artwork creation series for screenprinting designs. My intent is to get you familiar with Illustrator so that when I get to more complex videos you will be able to build up you basic skills underneath the more advanced skills which will come later. Please remember I am not a professional graphic artist so these tips may seem simple and perhaps useless to some but the goal is to teach the basic idea and fundamentals of Illustrator which will have you creating simple artwork in less time than learning by trial and error. Take baby steps. Build on basics. We will get to more complex artwork videos in due time 😉

Here is a very simple and easy way to create screenprinting registration marks while working on layers in vector software. When we create simple spot colors it is often advantageous to work in layers and manually separate colors while you make the art. This can work with any simple multiple color artwork where the colors do not overlap much or where they do they do not need to be knocked out. I use simple “T” marks on an additional layer to set up basic registration marks. In this educational screen printing video you will learn how I create those and what they look like. Follow along in Illustrator as I make 4 marks with a capital T and use them for registration. It’s a simple and easy fix for those jobs that do not need complex separations, RIP software or host generated registration marks which are often very thin lined. This was a requested tutorial video so I hope you do not find it too simple or redundant. Enjoy!

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