Screenprinting Artwork In AI: How To Use The Registration Swatch

Okay so here is a follow up video to the last one we did about the “T” registration marks that I often use here in house. I was reminded by Matt at Mikey designs on Facebook that we could also use the AI registration swatch with these custom reg marks. It’s really best for host or RIP color separations but I figured now was the time to mention it. Thanks Matt! When we do some color separations with film output we’ll look at another way to add registration marks to all of your film positives.

This is a very simple explanation of the registration swatch in Illustrator. In this follow up tutorial I show you how to use the swatches tab in the same layers window I pointed out last time. It’s a cool way to make any custom registration mark print from one layer to all the film positive separations. Follow along as we take a look at this and you’ll even hear a bit about host separations and RIP separations. I explain some about printing a separation out form one layer with a multi-color piece of art. Hold on cowboy, take it step by step. I’ll get to other more complicated artwork videos after we cover some basics. I’ll be doing some Catspit printing which will serve the purpose for the video 😉 I hope you enjoy this vector art instructional. Thanks for watching and please make sure to subscribe.

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