Screenprinting Tee Shirts: High Opacity Low Bleed White Ink

Hey everyone! I have a very cool announcement to make along with the color ink explosion we had this week for our plastisol ink lineup. Finally my go to white ink is back on the Catspit venue. Triangle Sta Ture 1701 Phoenix White is a great ink I love to use. Check out this vintage video I made back in 2012 when I first featured this ink with another vendor. I reedited it so as not to mention those details. I have been using this white ink since then. I’ll do a new video on this ink showing even better coverage and the expansion properties that will fill the knit more when you heat it up good 😉 Stay tuned…..

Finally my favorite super opaque white ink for screenprinting tee shirts is now available again through Catspit. I showed you this ink back in 2012 and since then we have gone through a lot of change for the better. This video was actually made in 2012 but we reedited it and reloaded it so we could share this killer white ink with you right away. This is the white ink that will work with 100% cotton, 50/50 poly/cotton and 100% polyester. When used and cured properly this super opaque low bleed white plastisol ink will outperform all others. This is the only white ink we recommend for printing on dark garments without flashing and printing twice. That’s right no more long double hit flash print runs! This ink can work as an excellent fabric blocking under base or it can be used as a bright white stand-alone ink for those challenging white on black print runs. This ink is a cool white which helps it pop on dark and colored garments. You can get this ink anywhere online but when you buy it from Catspit you get a money back guarantee. If you don’t like it I’ll return your money and take the gallon back to use in my own shop 😉

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