Screenprinting Giveaway: Shipping The Goodies Behind The Scenes

It’s the behind the scenes video about getting the goodies ready to ship. Get an inside look at the space Catspit works in…. Enjoy!

Okay here we go boys and girls. The donations are almost ready to be shipped this week. Check out this behind the scenes video at the Catspit homestead where we take a look at what it takes to fulfill all the freebies we give away in a single video event. You could have gotten the free scoop coater and emulsion and more! This is why you should subscribe and participate in all of my interactive giveaway videos. Because I always give out more goodies than I originally intend 😉 I love to do freebie videos so take a look at this fun walkthrough the Catspit shop, mini warehouse and office. See how the business has taken over my home and is pushing me out! Once again thank you to all who participated in this video giveaway. Without you all watching and interacting with me here on YouTube, I would have nothing going on. Thank you all very much and stay tuned for the next freebie video event. You never know what I will give away next…

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