Creating Screenprinting Artwork In Illustrator: What Are Layers?

Check out this basic introduction video about layers in Illustrator. When working in a vector art program and creating screenprinting artwork, using layers can be helpful. This video shows you what they are and where to find them. I thought this would be useful in the next series of artwork videos. This is almost like part one of 3 in a way as each will lead into the other. This is a very simple rundown of the basic layer functions in AI. I hope all of you beginners in creating screen printing art find this useful.

This is a very simple and basic educational video about creating artwork in Adobe Illustrator for screen printing tee shirts. In this tutorial I show you how to use layers to your advantage as a screen printer. Learn what layers are and where to find them in the menu bar. See how to create or delete layers and even sub layers. Find out about printing visible layers only and using the layer lock to work on the art board much easier. This is a fundamental introduction to layers in Adobe Illustrator but the concept will work in any version and even Corel Draw. Just find the layers function in your vector art software and you can use the tips in this how to video to learn the basics of layers. This video will help you create simple multi-color screen print designs with manual separations done while you make the vector art. Learn the basics of artwork creation for screenprinting T-Shirts in a simple and easy to understand video from Catspit.

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