Screenprinting Emulsion Coating Tips From Your Video Submissions

Finally the screen coating tips video is ready. I took 6 of your video submissions and made a video featuring advice on coating screens with direct liquid emulsion and a scoop coater. This is a longer video but it’s like taking a class with me in person. So take the time to sit back and enjoy this tips video inspired by YOU. It was a very complex video to make and I hope you enjoy it. It took a lot more work to do this than I expected… LOL and I still have to decide who gets what and ship the freebies out!

Thanks very much to all who participated!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your time in interacting with me here on YouTube. Thank you!

This is a video about coating your screens with emulsion. This was my first attempt at a question and answer video like this and I learned a lot from doing it. There are 6 screen coating video clips submitted from our viewers on YouTube. If you take the time to watch the entire video, you should find it not only entertaining but very informative with tips on using your scoop coater to make screens. We received some cool videos but few direct questions and even one comedic take on the thickness of emulsion on mesh for printing high volumes of ink. This screenprinting video is an excellent session with me almost as if you were with me taking a class. Stay tuned for more on classes as the year moves on. Thanks to everyone who submitted videos for this screen printing product donation giveaway. These are the 6 first people in order of submission who will receive a gift from Catspit Productions:



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Eddie Moon

Dip Schlitz

LindaTisha Bentley 

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