Freebie Scoop Coater & Emulsion Screenprinting Giveaway

Hello everyone! I have been very busy lately and new exciting happenings are in store for the future. But right now I felt like giving away some free #screenprinting products from MacDermid Autotype. Check out this video and see how making a short video of your screen coating process could get you a tee shirt and some free goodies. This offer is valid up to 6 submissions and in the continental US only. Please read the video description for all the details.

This is another giveaway video for MacDermid Autotype Neptune emulsion and a scoop coater. Please read the description for details on how to participate. This is a donation giveaway only. There is no contest. Jonathan will personally select the person to donate to.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We need your support online to offer more giveaways and contests! This giveaway is initially schedule for 6/26/14 to 12 AM 7/3/14.

1) Please create and upload to YouTube a short video clip of yourself coating a screen or screens with emulsion. You may ask a few questions in the video if you like. This may be a very short clip. Just show your complete coating process for one screen.

2) We will then download and use your video clips in a video tutorial next week where we will give tips and answer questions from the video clips you submit. Submitting a video assumes your copyright permission to use the video clip on YouTube.

3) Everyone who submits a video will get a free tee shirt and a free sample of a screen printing product. This is limited to the first 6 video clips entered.

4) One person will be chosen to get the quart of Neptune emulsion and the 18 inch scoop coater. This is not a contest. This is a donation.

5) This giveaway/donation is limited to the first 6 participants in the continental US only.

We reserve the right to change any portion of this offer at any time without notice. This is not a contest or competition. You have no rights to any prize or award. You are not guaranteed anything in any way. All products are donated at the sole discretion of Catspit Productions, LLC.

Thank you very much for participating.

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