Screenprinting Fun: How to Create A Fine Art Mono Print Poster

Here it is. The fun and creative mono print technique using #screenprinting. This is something I learned a long time ago in art school. I thought this would be a fun project to share with you all. I think it is well suited for artists who can draw or paint and it’s a fun project for the kids too. In this video you’ll learn how to make a mono screen print with only a screen, squeegee, and a few inks. Sorry for the weekend upload but I am still catching up from a personal family emergency. Oh and the second shoot turned out longer than the first…. LOL. Sorry to all of those who prefer shorter videos I tried.

This educational video is about how to create a mono print using only a screen and a squeegee with some inks. A mono print is a form of printmaking that can only be made once, unlike most printmaking, where there are multiple original prints made from the same “plate” or screen. There are many techniques of mono printing. You can produce a mono print with screenprinting and the results will vary greatly on your application technique. In this method we actually use a blank screen without any emulsion or stencil to make a singular print. The inks are applied to the open mesh by hand with multiple colors used at once. The ink is painted, dribbled, spread, dropped, or drawn directly onto the open mesh. In this way we create an image that we can then stroke with a squeegee in order to produce a mono print with abstract and surreal qualities. Follow along in a video demonstration of this technique and please forgive our 3rd grade rendition of a farm landscape. Learn how dynamic and creative screen printing can be!

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