Screen Printing Tee Shirts: 16×16 Infrared Flash Cure Unit Review

So now that Facebook looks like Twitter I suppose it will be difficult to tell them apart. I hope YouTube does not follow suit. We have had enough changes with YT for a while. At least I have something consistent for you. That’s right another #screenprinting video. This one is a product review and sales video for the RANAR D162 16X16 infrared flash cure unit. In this video I give you a very close up look at this machine and I give you all the details. If you’re in the market for a flash cure unit then you need to take a look at the RANAR line of flash cure units. Heavily built right here in California with the highest quality parts and American craftsmanship. Compare this unit to the other popular ones on the market and you will see for the money and the free shipping you can’t beat this deal. Besides why would you want to buy from a big corporation when you can make your purchase with Jonathan at Catspit and know your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back?

In this short educational video we feature the RANAR D-162 16X16 infrared flash cure unit. This is one of the most affordable units on the market with such a heavy duty build. Follow along in this video as we look at the construction, materials and the configuration of this well-made infrared flash cure for screenprinting tee shirts and other garments. This unit is recommended for plastisol inks and for smaller runs of water based inks. Ranar is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of flash dryers from 16×16 all the way to 24×36. They start by using the best IR panels in the industry and add the controls and features which allow ultimate control of the flash dryer. This is simply a best buy for 16×16 infrared flash cure units since the shipping is free anywhere in the continental US! Compare this unit to other black painted models and save while getting a better unit. I dare you to even compare it to the leading seller of those green and white little jobs. Honesty, integrity, straightforwardness. Catspit Productions, LLC.

Features: 16×16 panel, stand and casters, available in 110v, 2 year warranty on heater panels:

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