How To Promote Your Screen Printing Business: Magnetic Car Signs

Here is another cool educational video about promoting your screenprinting business locally on a low ad budget. Take a quick look at the Cat Mobile and how I have used magnetic vehicle signs to help get the word out about Catspit Productions. In this video I discuss magnetic signs and similar vehicle signage while giving you a firsthand close up look at how I did my magnetic signs for my Astro van. For the amount of time they last and the responses these signs will get they are well worth the cost. It’s just another way you can promote your business in your neighborhood for little to no money. I hope you all enjoy this little tidbit.

In this fun and entertaining educational video about screenprinting I take another look at a way to advertise your business on a low ad budget. When you’re starting a new business while working full time or beginning from your home, it is often the case that funding is limited. Much of your finances may go to equipment and supplies leaving very little for advertising. In this very corporate world the major industries that control advertisement venues often make it unaffordable to small businesses. This may be a corporate tactic to hold down the small entrepreneur but there are many things you can do to advertise locally with little or no money. Magnetic signs for your car, van or truck can help spread the word locally. Take a few minutes to watch this video about magnetic signs for your small business. This is an effective way of getting the word out there that no corporation can stop you from doing. And if you need any help getting some magnetic signs for your business, just give me a call. I can help with that too.

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