Catspit Needs Your Help! Call For YouTube Video Testimonials

I need you!! I’m taking a moment to ask for a few video testimonials for my business. If you can help out please do so. This is something I need to do for the business in order to survive and compete online with the massive corporations that overwhelm the internet with commercially produced content. I need your help. If you can spare a moment to watch this video and help out I would greatly appreciate it. There’s an opportunity for you to plug yourself as well!

Catspit Needs You! Catspit Needs Your Help! Call For YouTube Video Testimonials –

This video is very different form all of our others. Here we are asking you for help rather than you asking us for screen printing assistance. This is your chance to give back to Catspit Productions while getting some exposure for yourself.

We are asking for video testimonials from customers and/or students for our screenprinting videos. Please tell us how Jonathan and Catspit has helped you learn to screen print and tell us how you like your equipment or supplies purchases. Here’s a rundown of what we are looking for:

1) State who you are, where you are from and give audible copyright permissions for Catspit Productions to use your video on YouTube.

2) Tell us about your positive experience with Catspit Productions, LLC. Tell us how we helped you or how we assisted you with your screen printing equipment and supply purchases. Please share anything you feel that would be positive in your personal experiences in working with us in any way. Tell us how we have helped you.

3) State who you are again and please tell us how to find you online. If you have a screenprinting business with a storefront, please feel free to plug that as well. This is your chance to get some exposure from our audience here on YouTube.

4) Upload your video to YouTube and post the video in the comments for this video, email or YouTube message it to me. You must send me the video for me to know you have completed the video.

Thank you for your time and cooperation. We appreciate your support greatly. Thank you!!

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