Screen Printing: How To Screen Print Foam Baseball Trucker Caps & Hats

This was a challenging video to complete as I have not printed any hats in a long time. There once was a time when I printed baseball caps daily but things have changed as more people embroider hats today than they screen print. In this educational screenprinting video we take a look at printing foam trucker hats with a one color imprint. Follow along as I explain the apparatus and how it works with mini screens to print foam trucker hats. Enjoy some cool music from our friends at Predecessor! Stay tuned for a music video clip from the band at the end of this video. Enjoy!

This is a very straight forward and honest review of the RANAR baseball cap printing attachment for the manual series presses. This foam trucker hat printing device will print any foam panel ball cap or other foam paneled headwear. Follow along in this video as we take a look at the entire system form the mini screens to the frame and pallet. Get the inside scoop on this hat printing attachment while enjoying some music from our friends at Predecessor. See how this cap printer works and what Jonathan has to say about it while enjoying a video clip from the band at the end of the video. Once again we think you’ll find our honesty, and willingness to share information part of the reasons you should do business with us. Here you can see how we tell it like it is even with our favorite brand of screen printing equipment. Find out if this baseball hat printing system is right for you and see how it works in comparison to all the similar units out there.

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