How To Market Your Screen Printing Business At The Local Swap Meet

Okay so here is a video about promoting your business at your local swap meet. I figured I would share some of my experiences in marketing my own business locally with very low costs. Like many of you I do not have a huge budget for marketing in the real world. Things like ads, cable commercials or local radio spots cost money to produce and run. But there are other venues which are very inexpensive and effective for the cost. Swap meets, flea markets, craft fairs, and art shows may all provide a potential venue for you to show off your screen printing services and/or products. Check out this video about my experience trying out a local swap meet and you may have a few new ideas of your own by the time it’s over. Enjoy!

In this tutorial screenprinting video you’ll learn all about doing some local marketing around town at your local swap meets or flea markets. Here you’ll get to take a look at how I took Catspit Productions to the local swap meet to promote equipment and supplies sales. In order to market any new business you will not only need to promote yourself online but you’ll also need to do some real world marketing. Even YouTube suggests doing real world advertising for your YouTube channel. So for a local screen printing business some real world networking will always do the business good whether or not you make any sales immediately. As a startup screen printer you can use your friends and family along with your social network to start getting print work. But what about those of us who are not so well connected or maybe you want a way to pick up local business without breaking the bank? You’ll probably want to watch this video share where we show some inside activity at growing our own business locally offline.

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