Silk Screenprinting Textiles: How To Screen Print Tote Bags

Here is the video I have been working on for the past week. I shot the last 2 videos in one long day and the first one about pallets went together easily. This video, which is about printing tote bags, took much more editing work. I threw in a few classic Catspit type moments along the editing way. You know how goofy I can get when I make screen printing videos. But seriously this should be a fun and very informative video about screenprinting tote bags. Here you’ll get an awesome summary rundown of the entire process from setting up the art on screen to printing on press. I was going to cut out the part about loading the pallets with the bags but everyone seems to like those little details. Well, more is more and more is better as all the Catspit viewers say 😉

In this tutorial screenprinting video you’ll learn all about what it takes to set up and screen print tote bags. Tote bags are often used for business and corporate identity or branding. They are given to employees, customers, prospects and some may even be resold. This tutorial video runs through setting up the size and placement of the stencil on the screen while explaining some of the concerns in printing totes. Learn about film positive placement, pallets needed, press set up, printing and curing. This video is a great summary review of how to screen print tote bags. If you’re considering screenprinting tote bags or other similar odd items then this instructional video is a must see. Follow along as we explain the ins and outs of screen printing commercial products for your customers. Not only will you learn something new but you’ll have a good time doing it. This video is entertaining, educational and fun. We hope you enjoy.

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