How To Screenprint Bottles, Cups, Mugs, Cylinders With Only A Screen

Here is a fun video I have wanted to do for a while now. This is a cool demonstrative video in which I show you how to screen print cylindrical objects with nothing more than a screen, a squeegee, and an appropriate ink. See how universal and dynamic screenprinting is with this entertaining educational video about printing glasses, bottles, mugs and other items the old school way. If you enjoy printing of any kind, this video will be enjoyable and informative. Thanks for watching!

In this experimental tutorial screenprinting video you’ll learn all about how flexible and dynamic the screen printing process is. In this fun demonstration we will use nothing more than a screen, a squeegee and some ink to print cylindrical objects like cups, bottles, mugs, tins, and more. This is a very cool example of how universal the screenprinting process is. With the correct ink and curing methods almost anything can be screen printed. Follow along as Jonathan discusses this process and even shares his thoughts on where screenprinting is headed and how direct to garment DTG will affect us. Is screen printing dead? Will there be a market for manually screen printed products locally in the future? Hear what we have to say in this educational video suitable for anyone interested in how screen printing works. Check out our cool skull and bones bottles we temporarily made to show you this cool method. It’s always guaranteed to be a good time when you learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions online.

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