Screenprinting Tee Shirts: How To Change MDF Pallet Brackets

I was about to do a video about printing tote bags and I realized I had to change a few brackets around on my MDF pallets. I had some minor water damage to some of the wooden MDF pallets and they needed to be replaced. I thought this might make a good tutorial video for beginners and those of us who are less mechanically inclined. So here’s a cool how to video about changing your wooden or MDF pallet boards for your manual textile rotary screen printing press. You’ll get a summary of how to attach brackets.

In this tutorial screenprinting video you’ll get to take a quick look at how to change MDF pallet boards for rotary textile screenprinting presses. Many manual t-shirt presses come with wooden or MDF pallets which have metal brackets screwed onto the bottom. The bracket then slides onto the pallet arm of course and it sometimes becomes necessary to change the pallet. Over time pallets may become warped or damaged and if particle board like MDF gets wet it also will suffer damage. Therefore we need to replace the wood pallet material periodically. This video will show you the very basics on how to do this with some considerations to think about especially if you’re making your own pallet out of wood or materials from a home improvement store. This is a summary video showing the replacement of pallet brackets and explaining the differences between small brackets and larger ones in relation to garments to be printed. If you need to replace you stock pallets or if you’re making your own then this video might be helpful to you. At the very least it will be amusing perhaps.

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