The Basic Chemicals Used For Screen Printing Tee Shirts

I was very busy this week in the shop and in the office. I meant to upload this video Wednesday or Thursday morning but it actually uploaded late last evening. This is a video I made in response to a very general question I get asked on a weekly basis. I thought this video would be a better way to answer the question without copying and pasting the same prewritten answer for everyone. And we all know people like to watch videos more than read long messages. So here is a summary rundown of the basic chemicals used in screenprinting tee shirts. For some this may be redundant but for others this may be very helpful.

This is a new educational video that was inspired by many submissions of the same or similar question. This could be redundant for some but I thought it would be a good idea to do a video in which we discuss, describe and explain the basic consumable chemicals used in screenprinting T-shirts. In this summary video you will get detailed descriptions of chemicals used to make screens, clean up inks, and prepare to print your garments on press. If you’re new to the screen printing process and you’re confused about what each chemical does and how to use them then check out this tutorial video for screenprinting startups. Learn about mesh abrader, mesh prep, emulsion, press wash, ink wash, emulsion remover, and haze remover. You’ll also learn about blockout in this fun instructional video by Jonathan at Catspit Productions, LLC. I guarantee if you’re new to screen printing you’ll not only enjoy this video but you’ll learn something new.

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