Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Color Coded Chemical Bucket/Brush Set

Here we go as requested and as promised. MacDermid Autotype CPS color coded chemical buckets and brush sets. It took me a while to get this done. Also the product is one the ecommerce website but I have to figure the shipping details before it will be ready for click and ship. But you can call me if you would like more information on these. Anyway this video gives you a great rundown on this product with details of how it might be used in shop.

This is another screenprinting educational video that was planned some time ago. Finally after a little urging from one of our customers I have made the video looking at the MacDermid Autotype CPS color coded chemical bucket and brush set. In this fun video I take a close look at this set of heavy duty long lasting brushes and their color matched buckets. You will learn what the buckets are for in the screen making process and how to best use them. We also compare this chemical application system to spray bottles briefly in the washout booth. See the best way to apply chemicals with these awesome chemical resistant brushes. These industrial brushes will last a lifetime when used and cared for properly. The buckets have been tested along with the brushes in the Catspit shop for over 2 years and they are still working like new. So take a moment with me as I entertain and educate you on the latest screenprinting product brought to you by Catspit Productions, LLC and MacDermid Autotype. Thanks to MacDermid Autotype for making it possible to bring their products direct to you.

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