Screenprinting Multi Colors: How To Line Up Film Positives On Screens

Here’s the screenprinting video about how to set up your film positives on screens for multi-color print jobs I promised. I hope this video helps you in your screen making process. There are many different ways to do this but here are 2 that I have used regularly in the past. We’ll look at other ways in the future with new screen printing videos from Catspit Productions. Stay tuned. Subscribe and enjoy!

This is another screenprinting educational video that has been requested many times in the past. If you know about screen printing tee shirts then you know that for each color printed we need a film positive and a screen. This tutorial video demonstrates and explains 2 different methods to setting up your film positives on a multi-color print job. Here you will learn ways to get each film positive for each different color on the screens in relatively the same location. That will make it much easier to line up the screens when setting up the print job and in fact it can make or break you on press. Where’re not talking about rocket science here but we want the film positives to be placed on all the screens for that job in the same location without much discrepancies. The first of these 2 methods is old school and a little slower. The second is a little faster but maybe not as precise. So follow me along as he shares his personal experiences with printing on presses without micro registration.

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