How To Screen Print: Vacuum Top Vs. Non Vacuum Exposure Units

This is a customer inspired video about the CBX 20×24 table top exposure unit made by RANAR and offered by Catspit Productions. This video features the non-vacuum exposure unit in a comparison video about the differences between vacuum tops and non-vacuum units. It’s an awesome educational video if I don’t say so myself 😉 If you’re looking to buy a new exposure unit and you’re debating on the two types of units then you should probably watch this video.

This is a video made especially for a customer who was a little skeptical about our RANAR CBX 20×24 table top exposure unit. It turns out after some usage he loves the unit. But the information contained in the video is a valuable comparison of vacuum exposure units versus non vacuum table top exposure units. Here you will learn about the differences between the two units and what it means to your screen making process. Can you make halftones with an industrial black lamp fluorescent vacuum exposure unit? I answer that. Can you make halftones with an industrial black lamp fluorescent table top exposure unit? I answer that too. If you’re in the beginning stages of screenprinting and trying to decide which type of exposure unit is best for you then this video is a must see. Come along for the ride as I explain the differences between these machines and watch as I make a screen with the table top unit.

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