ISS Screenprinting Trade Show: Packing Up Equipment & Going Home

Here is a cool video from the ISS show this past January. It’s the last one I have to upload I believe so we’ll be back to doing some in shop videos starting with a test and review of the RANAR CBX 2024 tabletop exposure unit. That video will also answer the question of whether you can do halftones with an industrial black lamp exposure unit again. I have the exposure units on hand as you’ll see in this video. Make sure to check out the clip of Predecessor’s tune Skin Deep at the end of the video. Thanks to the guys in the band for providing some killer metal tracks for some Catspit video action. Enjoy!

Music provided by: Predecessor

Track: Skin Deep

This is the final ISS screen printing trade show video from Long Beach 2014. This is a vlog style video in which you get to see another glimpse inside RANAR in El Segundo California. I decided to bring back some screen printing equipment to Phoenix, Arizona to offer locally. In this fun and entertaining video you get to take a walk with me through the factory as I pick up some items. The Cat Mobile gets packed up and I ship out on the road to head back home. The trade shows are a lot of fun but they can be expensive to do. So this year I will focus on doing another giveaway in October and perhaps working on local sales for equipment and supplies. Check out the ride home and see the Cat Mobile one more time before it undergoes a sign makeover. We’ll be sure to share that with you too.

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