How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Mini Infrared Belt Dryer Review

This is my latest screenprinting video as requested. Take a close up look at the Ranar Scamp DX200 mini infrared belt dryer. I have some of the RANAR screenprinting equipment here in Phoenix to offer locally so I figured we could certainly take a look at some of the goodies I have to offer.

This is a video made especially for a customer who asked about this product. Here we take a short but close up look at the RANAR Scamp DX200 infrared belt oven for screenprinting tee shirts. This belt dryer is recommended for plastisol ink although it can be used to heat set dry water based inks as well. The compact configuration of this unit makes it especially good for small shops or work at home screen printers. The infrared belt dryer is 120v and 17 amps which will run on most household outlets that are on 20 amp breakers. Your standard kitchen and garage electrical outlets are likely to be 20 amp outlets. But always check with your electrician for details. This unit has the adaptability of doing hats and other odd printable products that need heat setting or curing. If you’re just starting out and thinking of using a flash cure to do the final cure with your plastisol printed shirts or if you are thinking of a smaller operation then this is a great belt oven to consider. Remember Catspit Productions offers free shipping on major equipment purchases anywhere in the continental US.

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