ISS Screenprinting Trade Show: Saati Reclaiming & De-Hazing Demo

I was able to get this week’s video edited and uploaded to YouTube. This is a very fun, casual and entertaining demo from the Saati booth at ISS Long Beach 2014. Check out some great products from Saati and see the video description for my Saati picks on the Catspit ecommerce site.

I have been very busy in the shop and office the past few weeks. But I was finally able to print some Catspit Secret Society tee shirts yesterday and they are now available on the Catspit ecommerce site. Show your support for Catspit and my efforts to teach the world screenprinting. I need to get a couple of models to make better images for the website 😉 Know any pretty people in Phoenix?

In this educational screen printing video we take a trip over to the ISS trade show in Long Beach, 2014. The trade show is a great place to learn about screen print technologies, machinery, supplies and innovations for the textile and graphic industry. Saati is awesome for washout booth demos at the show. They always have a working washout booth with drain, water and pressure washer. Here they do many demos during the show hours for visitors to see how their chemicals work. These demos are casual and fun. And they often have free samples of the products they are showing us in their booth. In this video we take a look at a few chemicals such as ER2 and IR8. We also take a look at HR6 which is a very user friendly haze remover. Take a moment and visit with one of the guys form Saati as we take a closer look at this high tech screen printing equipment. Then click the links below to see our recommended Saati products for plastisol inks and textile screen printers.

ER2 –

Our IR8 equivalent for plastisol textile printers –

Our HR6 equivalent for plastisol textile printers –

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