Pre Catspit Beginnings: How the Cat Started on YouTube

Check out this historical pre Catspit look back at how I got started teaching screenprinting online free for the world. This is a very cool retrospective look at where it all began. Please stay tuned for the 2nd and 3rd parts of this video series.

This screenprinting video is about the history of Catspit. How did I get started on YouTube? How did I get his equipment? Where did I start screen printing and why? In this retrospective video we take a walk back through time to see me making a YouTube video for another channel I used to run before the Catspit screenprinting channel. In this fun retrospective look back you will get to see a piece of video from before I started teaching screen printing online for free. Here you will see the very beginnings of my educational journey through teaching screenprinting on the internet. This is where it all started. This is how it all started and this is why it all happened. So if you enjoy the Catspit Productions tutorial screenprinting videos and you want to learn more about how this all got started then make sure to watch this first edition in a 3 part series that will send you back in time pre Catspit.

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