Catspit Questions & Answers: Be Warned, This May Surprise You!

I finally was able to render this video! Yes! I had a heck of a time with this yesterday. A complete day and night was wasted on a thing that should be set by default from the software maker. Go figure. Anyway I had a lot of fun shooting the video and a nightmare rendering it. LOL… but in the end if you all enjoy it then it was well worth the time and effort 😉 Now please go check out my answers to your questions…

Here is the highly anticipated video in which Jonathan answers many of your questions that were submitted through YouTube comments, messages and emails. About 2 weeks ago we did a video in which we asked you for questions to submit for me to answer. I was overwhelmed with emails and messages while only a few were left as comments. Some of these questions were a bit wild but many were truly genuine in their curiosity. In this video you’ll get to know me much better as I explain many of the things you may have been wondering about while also answering some cool screenprinting questions too. This video has something for everyone especially if you want to learn how to screen print or if you just want to know a little more about your personal screen printing instructor. This video is fun, entertaining and informative. We promise you’ll either love it or hate it. No seriously, you’re going to enjoy this one for sure.

Screen Printing Supplies and Equipment Sales

Screen Printing Supplies and Equipment Sales

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