Pre Catspit Beginnings: How the Cat Began on YouTube

New video as promised: How Catspit started teaching screenprinting on YouTube! This is the second in a 3 part series on how it all began. These 3 videos honestly will only tell a small portion of the complete tale of what happened and how things turned out the way they did but this is the part of the story that starts us off at the very beginning. It was much later that I learned all about Google and that creating traffic online could generate revenue to support the video work I so love to do. That part of the story is more complicated and I’m sure I’ll get to it sooner or later. Until then enjoy this look at the prehistoric beginnings of the Catspit educational screen printing videos now free to the world, 24/7.

Here is part 2 of our retrospective look back to pre Catspit era video footage. This screenprinting video is about the history of Catspit. How did I get started on YouTube? How did I get my equipment? Where did I start screen printing and why? In this retrospective video we take a walk back through time to see a YouTube video for another channel I used to run before the Catspit screenprinting channel. In this fun retrospective look back you will get to see a piece of video from before I started teaching screen printing online for free. Here you will see the very beginnings of my educational journey through teaching screenprinting on the internet. This is where it all started. This is how it all started and this is why it all happened. So if you enjoy the Catspit Productions tutorial screenprinting videos and you want to learn more about how this all got started then make sure to watch this second edition in a 3 part series that will send you back in time pre Catspit.

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2 Responses to Pre Catspit Beginnings: How the Cat Began on YouTube

  1. alexsabala says:

    Hi this is alex and i purchased a screen printing maching. my question is how do i create images with corel draw.

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