Fine Art Photography: Lost Black & White Image Collection

Good Monday morning to you all and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. Best wishes for 2014 as we start the New Year with the ISS trade show in Long Beach, California. Originally I thought I would skip this year and save some money. But I’m going this year to spend some time with my Father and brother there. So come by the RANAR booth at ISS Long Beach 2014 and say hello.

This is a very small collection of my fine art photography that was left over after the apartment fire of 2008. These were some of the few silver nitrate prints that were left undamaged. Most of my collection of framed or unframed photographs were either damaged or ruined in the fire. This small grouping of images is a minor example of some of the work I used to do. My favorite subjects were industrial abstracts Edward Weston type nudes. My school of photography was that of Alfred Stieglitz and the straight photograph movement. Any special effects seen in any of these images was done directly in front of the camera lens at the time of exposure. No darkroom modifications were made to these black and white images.

This video also introduces Predecessor. This is a metal band that offered to supply some music for us to use on Catspit screen printing videos. In order to break them in and introduce them to you this video features their track called “Skin Deep” on the new 2014 album, Through the Winters Cold.

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