How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Mesh Tension Review & Summary

This video was actually requested a month or 2 ago and I can’t even remember by whom now… LOL. Sorry buddy but here it is as promised. This video is a review of mesh tension with a discussion of roller frames. Don’t forget to check out the video description for related articles and links.

I know we have discussed mesh tension and why it is so important to have a very tight screen to work with when printing tee shirts but I am not sure I talked about static aluminum frames versus the dynamic roller frames. So as requested this video reviews some of the most important benefits from proper mesh tension while explaining a little bit about roller frames. In this video I will quickly point out benefits of tight screens while giving you a brief summary of mesh tension in general. But the video begins with an introductory discussion of roller frames and their major differences. If you want to review mesh tension or learn about screens that can stretch the mesh on frame then this video will be a good time. Enjoy.

Links for more on frames, mesh and mesh tension:

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