How To Screen Print: Controlling Squeegee & Ink On Screen

Check out this cool screenprinting tutorial video about controlling your squeegee and ink on press. I was watching some screenprinting videos recently and it had me thinking about a few things. I thought I should share my thoughts on these topics for your benefit. This is the kind of thing most screen printing educators don’t necessarily talk about. I think many of you enjoy this type of video so take a moment and have a look see 😉



This is another awesome screenprinting tutorial video in which we take a look at what it means to control the ink on press. Here we discuss proper usage of the squeegee while highlighting some best practices for controlling ink while you are printing. Do you find your ink is coming up on the squeegee handle? Does it get all over the frame edges? Are you constantly using your spot cleaning gun to remove spots and fingerprints from finished product? Then you may want to take the time to review this quick tips video in which we take a look at these issues and point them out so you may be aware of what you are doing while printing. Have you ever used so much pressure on the squeegee that it bends into a curve? We talk about that too and we show you what it looks like. So take a few minutes to watch this screen printing video and learn more about how to work clean on press and in shop.

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