How To Screen Print: Fleece Zipper Hoodies And Sweatshirts

As requested; A full length, in depth screenprinting video tutorial about printing fleece zipper hoodies & sweatshirts. This one took a bit of doing and as you recall I had a headache while doing this. I was actually feeling okay by this point but I felt like I was not focused. So was this a good video? It’s long but it goes through the pallet set up to printing and discusses many points in detail with some repetition for clarity. I had major troubles rendering this one and this is why it is uploading so late. But it came out pretty good with only a few things I don’t really like… LOL. But I am my own worst critic, right?

I figured we would combine screenprinting fleece hoodies and sweatshirts into a longer
video about fleece garments. Previously we did a quick tips video about fleece
in general but now we are diving in for a much deeper look at setting up a
zipper hoodie pallet and screen printing both a hoodie and a crew neck
sweatshirt with a 1 color gray ink on dark garments. These were 100% and 50/50
poly cotton blend fleece products. Here we will discuss off contact, pallets,
zippers, and how the more cushy and tight knitted fleece prints. This is the
ultimate screenprinting tutorial video about doing sweatshirts and hoodies
during the fall or winter. You’ll learn all about printing and pre shrinking
before you attempt to do it yourself. Please also see the link below for the
quick tips video for fleece. That video will focus and emphasize things to be
particularly aware of.

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