How To Screen Print: White Plastisol Ink On Navy Tee Shirts

Here is the promised and long awaited production run screenprinting video in which I show you my “one hit plastisol white” printing for an actual print job. I know this is a heated topic of debate as to how and why dark garments should be printed a certain way but in my experience 100% cotton is relatively easy to print white ink on. And dye migration is normally an issue associated with poly/cotton blends or perhaps very bad dye jobs on 100% cotton. Even a re-dye can be an issue.

This is another awesome screenprinting tutorial video in which we take a look at a method of screen printing white plastisol ink on dark garments. Everyone knows that this can be one of the most difficult inks to print and white plastisol ink is known to be thick. Many people print one pass and then flash cure the white ink before printing it again to gain a nice opacity or coverage. The resulting print is very white but often thick and rubbery feeling. Not only that, it takes double the time to print a run of tee shirts this way. Therefore most shops print a high opacity white ink through a more open mesh with proper off contact in order to achieve an excellent print without using too much ink or time. In the end this will be a matter of preference which way you print and which print result you like better but the prints demonstrated in this video were very white, not too thick and were fast to print. It was a high quality print perfectly acceptable to the customer and the printer while being relatively easy to print. And remember when you start to print higher volumes of tee shirts, time is money.

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