How To Screen Print: My Personal Washout Booth Set Up Tips

Here is a quick and fun video with a few personal tips on how I set up my washout booth. I wanted to try to make a few quick tips videos that were actually quick… LOL. So in this screenprinting video we take a quick look at a few details I like to attend to with my washout booth. I share a couple of tips that should help make your reclaiming and screen making a little easier. And it might even make you laugh when I talk about getting shocked in the water 😉

In this educational screen printing video we take a quick look at how we have our washout booth set up. This is a quick tips video in which Jonathan shares his personal way of using a metal washout booth. Come along for a few minutes as he tells you how and why he sets up his washout booth. Learn at least two critical tips that will help you in the screen making process. You’ll also learn what he does out of compulsion to help avoid electrical shock through the water although this precaution may be more sentimental than effective. We also talk about a feature to look for on your washout booth when buying a new unit. Learn about this simple feature that will help make reclaiming screens more comfortable. This video will not only explain the tips but it gives you a look at what we’re talking about for yourself. You’ll enjoy this short, fun tutorial video about screenprinting guaranteed. And if you happen to need a washout booth, let us know.

RANAR Econo Backlit Washout Booth:

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