How To Screen Print: Fall Tips For Printing 100% Cotton Fleece

Here’s a quick tips screenprinting video for fall. Learn about my advice on printing 100% cotton fleece sweatshirts or other heavyweight garments. This tutorial video flows off the top of my head as I share with you my experiences printing heavy fleece products including sweatpants. Here I discuss several tips that are critical and will save you a lot of problems if you know them before you begin printing. So take a moment and enjoy this video while you learn a few things that will be enlightening and informative.

In this educational screen printing video we discuss several tips for printing hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and other 100% cotton heavy weight fleece garments. In this video Jonathan shares his personal experiences with screenprinting fleece on the East Coast. Learn about the proper spray tack to use and find out why it is important to use enough of it. That’s right, you don’t want to use just any ordinary spray tack pallet adhesive with fleece. You’ll also learn about a few tips that will ensure proper curing, eliminate registration problems and increase your overall print resolution. This is an important quick tips video packed with great advice on how to screen print sweat shirts for your fall customer’s needs. Knowing these few tips ahead of time may save you much time and problems in the long run so don’t even think about the 5 minutes it will take to watch this video!

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