Silk Screenprinting Tee Shirts: How To Choose Your Squeegee

Hello everyone, here is a remade and updated video about squeegee. I had a question or two recently that led me to make this new video about a topic I have covered before. I hope this video and the links in the video description will help tie the information all together for you. So I collected the squeegee articles and videos together with the links. Now you can watch this video and get a quick overview. Then if you want to know more about squeegees you can check out the video description for links to more information about squeegees and screen printing. I hope you all enjoy!

In this screen printing tutorial video we take another look at squeegee in an attempt to tie it all together in this remade and updated video. We wanted to put durometer and squeegee size in another video together in an easy way to understand instead of our older perhaps more difficult to follow videos about squeegees. We also wanted to collect very cool articles from the main Catspit website and put the links together here with the others for choosing your squeegee. Here are links to all things squeegee:

Squeegee Tips:

Choosing the correct size:

Cleaning your squeegees:

Durometer article:

Stencil drag article & more:

General squeegee guide:

We hope you find these educational screenprinting references useful and informative. Catspit Productions is dedicated to providing free information and videos about silkscreen printing to the world. Help us out and do business with us. Thanks for all your support, time and attention.

Squeegee from Catspit and Saati:

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