How To Screen Print: Creamy, Easy Black Plastisol Textile Ink

Check out our latest screenprinting video on YouTube. This one is about the new Catspit tested and approved black ink from online. I wouldn’t normally make a video about black ink but since I am selling this plastisol textile ink I figured it was appropriate. So here is a video in which we take a look and do a test print. You’ll see it’s an easy, smooth ink to print with and not only that it’s inexpensive. So happy Monday to you all and maybe you can make it go faster by watching this demonstration video of a new Catspit product.

In the latest educational screen printing video we take a look at the new Catspit tested and approved black plastisol ink for printing tee shirts and other garments. Black inks and other dark inks are relatively easy to work with since they tend to be on the thinner side and the pigmentation is very strong. So when we think of doing videos about ink we don’t normally demo these darker inks. But it’s a good idea to know what a decent ink looks like and how it prints. If you don’t know what you should be using then it is hard to tell if the products out there will perform well until you try them. This is a rather simple demonstration video in which we print some of the black ink and take a close up look. Nothing fancy or exciting but a good video to watch in order to learn about plastisol textile screenprinting inks. In this video you will get to see the consistency of the ink and you’ll get a look at how easy it is to print with.

Black plastisol ink featured in this video:

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