How To Screen Print: Changing Ink Colors On Press Tips

This tutorial screenprinting video was inspired during the shooting of the last one. Have you ever taken an old screen out to use with white ink and find your ink being contaminated form the last ink color used on that screen? Do you wonder about the easiest way to clean ink off the screen on press for in print run color changes? At some point these questions will arise in your screen printing endeavors so here is a quick tips video, that is not so quick, that will help you with just these problems. So follow along as I share with you my methodology of cleaning screens for usage later and cleaning inks off screen while working on press.

This is another educational screenprinting video by Catspit Productions, LLC. Here we take another look at cleaning up ink off of your screen printing screens. But in this edition we look at it from the perspective of an on press ink change and we also consider cleaning screens well for the next use with white ink. Recently we had used a screen that had previously been cleaned of red ink. But we didn’t clean it well and when it was used with white ink on it the next time I printed; the red began to contaminate the white. In this video we look at this and we discuss how to prevent it. How do you clean a screen on press for an ink change? This is answered in the video. How do you clean a screen of ink so that the next time you use white ink it will be clean? Well we look at that too. This video is an extension of previous ink cleaning videos and will fill in some missing pieces for all of you who are new to the process.

Press Wash used in this video:

Screen Opener used in this video:

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