How To Screen Print: Creamy Smooth Opaque Plastisol White Ink

Okay I did this video about the white ink available at but now I’m not sure I gave it a fair shake. The video came out very well and the ink performed nicely as I expected but I used a rag shirt that had been washed for the test print. So the close up shot of the print I think may not really represent the ink to its fullest ability. I thought it looked fine but I think there was some fibrillation from the rag tee. But this ink does get my seal of approval especially for the money. At this pricing anyone can afford to at least try a quart.

This is another educational screenprinting video by Catspit Productions, LLC. In this edition we take a close look at the new plastisol textile white ink for printing tee shirts and other garments. This is a very inexpensive screenprinting ink that is smooth and creamy. It has very good ink flow characteristics and great opacity. This plastisol screen printing ink is available at and is completely tested and approved by Jonathan himself. In order for any high opacity ink to work properly please remember that squeegee durometer, mesh tension, mesh count, off contact and your flood/stroke will all be determining factors in the end result regardless of the quality of the ink. What that means is even with the highest quality, highest performing inks if your set up is not proper then your print result will not be satisfactory especially for the high price you may have paid for the HO inks. Get yourself set up right and using a proper flood and stroke will make any decent ink work even better. Unless the ink is like plaster of Paris…. LOL 😉

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