Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Inexpensive 4 Color Floor Press

Here’s a quick video about a new little floor press for screen printing tee shirts. This is RANAR’s bottom of the line entry level floor press which does not have micro registration. This is a 4 color, 4 station rotary press designed to be wicked durable and easily shippable by UPS. Take a quick walk with me through the RANAR factory and have a look at this cool little unit. Enjoy my friends and have a wonderful weekend!

This is another educational screenprinting video by Catspit Productions, LLC. Here we’ll take a very quick look at the new 4 color, 4 station manual rotary screenprinting press made by RANAR. This is a little unit that can ship UPS and has NO micro registration. It’s designed to be durable, accurate and inexpensive. The unit has what we like to call “poor man’s micro tuners” because each head has threaded bolts through the back that can be turned to tweak the screen some when the clamps are loosened. It’s made like all the other RANAR equipment and it’s built to last. Even if your business were to outgrow it we’re sure you’ll want to keep this little baby around the shop. And if you’re lucky enough to have that happen then you’ll put this press to good use and get your money’s worth plus some. So check out this quick silk screenprinting video and stay tuned until the end, you’ll get to see some very cool close up shots of this screen printing press. Now take a moment and enjoy this short video about printing textiles. Then you can watch our other screen printing tutorial videos which feature the RANAR equipment we use and sell.

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