Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Inexpensive Heavy Duty Bench Press

Here is a cool new video that follows a green Catspit bench press through the build for some time. Get a close look at the heavy duty construction of these superior bench presses from RANAR and Catspit Productions. I love this bench press series. The build is so simple yet genius in ways. Simple often does mean more complex but in this case simple means simple. But that’s what makes these bench presses so Catspit cool.

This is another educational screen printing video by Catspit Productions, LLC. In this entertainment version we take a look at the making of a Catspit green 1 color bench top silk screening press. As you can easily see this press is built heavily and made to last a lifetime. The unique RANAR compression spring lift arm system and the solid American steel build along with primo welds makes this 1 color table top screenprinting press a no brainer. Competitively priced and built better. This is the type of bench press you will always have and use. Are you ready to move up to a multi-color floor press? No problem. You can still use this solid 1 color, 1 station bench press for other things in the shop like branding tags to get more business, pocket prints, 1 color novelty shirts and even one offs with paper stencils or other quick stencil making systems. The bottom line is this bench press will outlast others on the market today for the same price. You could even bequeath this press to your loved ones it will last so long 😉 Take a moment and enjoy this short video about printing textiles. Then you can watch our other screen printing tutorial videos which feature the RANAR equipment we use and sell.

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