Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Small, Inexpensive Infrared Belt Dryer

This is one of the last 2 videos I made while in Long Beach, California this year for the screen printing trade show at the convention center. The trip was fun but it’s always hard to run a business from the road not to mention expensive. I really enjoy it and I’ll do it whenever I can mostly in Long Beach or Las Vegas. But this year while I was at the Long Beach show in July I figured I would quickly give you a look at the Scamp mini belt dryer from RANAR. As you should know by now Catspit Productions is an authorized RANAR dealer and we can offer the complete line of equipment, supplies and accessories.

This is another educational screen printing video by Catspit Productions, LLC. In this video you will see me at the NBM trade show in Long Beach California. Here in the RANAR booth I’ll introduce you to the mini infrared belt dryer we call the Scamp DX 200. If you’re just starting out screenprinting t-shirts then a move up from a flash cure unit to a small belt oven will speed up the production time. This compact unit could also be ideal for point of sale printing and events. Remember, the bigger the oven chamber the more stable the temperature will be inside the belt dryer. Therefore with the Scamp you’ll need to keep an eye on your cure. Honestly with any belt dryer you should ensure that the shirts are curing properly during the print run. Always do multiple tests to ensure that your plastisol or water based inks are fully cured and laundry safe. Take a moment and enjoy this short video about printing textiles. Then you can watch our other screen printing tutorial videos which feature the RANAR equipment we use and sell.

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